Key Services


Colourimetry for Film & TV


  • Extensive experience calibrating broadcast monitors and projectors for diverse applications,  
  • Equipped and experienced in profiling and building LUTs for accurate picture reference, particularly with domestic displays, 
  • Equally at home in Rec.709 environments as well as Rec.2020/P3/HDR for both film, VOD and TV,
  • Matching on-set monitors to studio lights and cameras. 

Download the calibration guidance notes


System Design


  • Designed, supervised the install and handed over hundreds of systems both large (sometimes >50 equipment bays) and small (two Avids in the rear of the production office), 
  • At home in post, studios, OBs and Data Centres – both UK & abroad (Africa, Middle East etc), 
  • Entirely able to manage the technical paperwork (diagrams, schedules) as well as project documentation (RAMS, Scope of Works, etc) and budget tracking and the purchase order/invoicing process,
  • Good relationship with wiring technicians & engineers as well as parts suppliers, able to supervise/test the build process. 


Electrical Safety & optimal arrangements for media facilities


  • Abreast of legislation (currently at IET 18th Ed. - done the update training), 
  • Skilled in designing/testing earthing systems to avoid induced hum problems in facilities, 
  • An ideal engineering interface between electrical contractors and the needs of a modern media facility; Online/offline-interactive UPS etc. 

download the syllabus for our one day course


Test and Measurement

  • Many years of experience (and hundreds of hours of production) QC’ed for UK terrestrial broadcast, 
  • Audio (R.128) and Video (R.103, PSE etc) along with AQC for DPP (building VidChecker profiles etc).


Industry Relationships


  • Presenting; have demo’ed and presented at numerous trade shows (IBC, BVE etc) as well as conferences (HPA-UK, Dolby etc) - able to represent your product/organisation, 
  • Able to design and manage proof of concept (POC) studies with resellers and manufacturers, 
  • An excellent interface between facilities and resellers, friendly with other expert freelancers. 


Fault Finding


  • Electronic maintenance to component level, instructing engineers in best workshop practise. 
  • System problem solving and optimising,
  • Modifying existing equipment for different use cases; improving cooling and noise etc - example

Please download our notes on equipment repair


Training - Have written and run the following courses (all can be customised to clients’ needs)


  • IP Networks 101 for broadcast engineers 
  • Fibre optics; introduction for broadcast engineers 
  • Video 101 
  • Audio 101 
  • TV QC 101 
  • Electrical Safety for film & TV engineers download syllabus
  • Colourimetry for film & TV - download syllabus
  • Fundamentals of video compression and file formats 
  • Introduction to cryptography and encryption 


Fibre Optics infrastructure and multiplexing


  • Design, test and fault find both campus networks as well as metro links 
  • Experienced in multiplex design and test; CWDM and DWDM 
  • Train wiring technicians in the use of fusion splicers and other optimal methods.


Current product expertise

  • Eizo and Sony Broadcast monitors,
  • Leader and Tektronix test and measurement; particularly UHD/4K/HDR for Dolby/Netflix etc, 
  • Barnfind – fibre optic switching, extending, format conversion & multiplexing; campus and metro n/w, 
  • Amulet Hotkey – Teradici KVM-over-IP; nearly 2,000 seats deployed in production/post/audio etc.  

Engineering, Wiring and Consulting Rates